Saturday, October 3, 2009

Satellite dishes, weather and televison connections...

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All seemed to have gone awry with the giant thunderstorm last evening.  Finally, poor Andrew (of Dreambox "hope and glory" fame) arrived with special parts shipped from the UK (not available here on Corfu yet... allows wireless signal to run to Dreambox from other room.) 

He also arrived with a new Dreambox as the one I'd been using had been stuttering to beat the band, so he reconfigured a new one - "just to be sure".

Finally all bases coverd!

As the last wires and connections linked television to Dreambox  and as the special program downloaded on to my computer fired up.... ....................... 

nothing happened. A bit Monty Python-esque, but there you have it! 

So Poor Andrew determined in true Sherlock Holmes fashion, that with everything else working the only thing left to be eliminated was the satellite.  He reconnected the old Sky box and got it up and running. 

Blue screen appeared and the phrase: "No Satellite signal being received" came up.  Na.

Blank looks and mumbled curses.  Kind Andrew offered to dismantle the LNB, and take it to the satellite shop to see if it could be fixed.  (bless him- as I would have NO idea where to go for that...) 

All in all, we have high hopes that the next iteration of this attempt will be successful.  He plans to return with the part fixed...  But this is Corfu, and with the Tempests come the comedies of real life!

Ah if Shakespeare would have had technology to deal with!

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  1. Wow! Love that your site plays music! I have never enjoyed leaving a comment so much! I hope all is well with you. I know that is NOT your sat dish...but what a monster! Are you trying to get shows that you can't get access to in Greece? Is Greek TV horrible? LOL.....I can only imagine what must be on.....anyway....I hope all is well and that you are enjoying the good life in your gorgeous home. xoxoxoxo

  2. When I first moved to Turkey years ago we lived near Bodrum, which is pretty close to Kos. We didn't have Digiturk then so I just made do with a couple of Greek channels I managed to pick up which showed films with English subtitles or English films with Greek subtitles. We do have lots of connection problems with Digiturk though...usually because of the weather. I couldn't get BBC World this morning, because there was thunder overhead. However the storm clouds have moved, the sun is out, and BBC World has resumed normal service.

    Good luck with sorting out the problem!

  3. Dear OneOf365, Thanks! I like the little music player too & I change it periodically. The mixpod site is really easy to use. (you can "click" it off if it bothers you. T doesn't like it!)

    Actually you're right, that's NOT my satellite dish, but we DO have one just like it! As we wanted to receive special channels we needed to get a big dish. (It lives in its own little special garden so we don't see it!)

    Greek TV has a lot of US shows with Greek subtitles but I like the variety and the movies on the satellite. (we really mostly watch tv in the wintertime.)

    Life is good. My 83 yr.old mother is visiting so we're all getting used to living together again- different patterns etc. (after spending 15 days pretty much only talking to the dog and writing the blog posts, it's weird to be taking or listening constantly!)

    Wishing you well too!

    Dear Ayak,

    When we lived in Izmir we just had Turkish television because the satellites kept getting blown out (much like our own currently has just experienced!)

    The only things we really watched then were videos that we'd brought back from the US. We developed quite a library over the years (for holidays or b'days, friends would bring them, our son's would mail them etc.) so if all else fails we have a nice video collection (about 300 vids!) to fall back on.

    Obviously with the times changing we've switched to DVD's but it's not the same as the good old videos... still we've got a fair number of those now, so we're not pining for entertainment.

    (With as many house guests as we've had over the years, it's been a real help and blessing to have some entertainment other than ourselves!)

    I hope the problem sorts itself out as well AND that it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed...



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